Lynx Helps Manufacturers Stay Compliant & Innovative

The biggest challenge that manufacturing companies face, without a doubt, is regulatory compliance. Complex mandates from different regulatory authorities like FDA, EPA, OSHA, and others in the U.S and EU make it difficult for manufacturers to keep up. Also, new developments in technology almost always mean that the manufacturing process changes with every update. This is why automating training for their employees is the only way for companies to manage policies and rules. Lynx helps manufacturers train not only floor workers but also different teams like sales and marketing who regularly need updated information to close deals or promote a specific new feature. With Lynx, you can track all learning activity and assessment results in addition to creating and assigning courses to specific teams or employees. No more struggling with manual tracking of completions and compliance training – Lynx has you covered.

Use Cases:

  • Compliance Training
  • Dedicated Rule Engine to Automate Course Assignments
  • Highly Insightful Reporting
  • Gamification of Course Content
  • Simple User Interface for Non-technical Learners

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