Lynx Helps Keep Airline Staff Updated, Competitive, and Sharp

The aviation industry has some of the most complex and uncompromising safety standards. Be it aircraft manufacturers, technicians, in-flight staff, or catering, every single person in the industry has to undergo rigorous training because of safety compliance and regulations set by governments all around the world. While most of the training content remains the same, courses must be updated regularly to keep the staff competitive and updated. With offices in almost every country and staff being recruited worldwide, airlines, in particular, have a difficult time getting their staff trained and updated regularly. Lynx solves this problem. With Lynx, learning and development professionals can coordinate training interventions globally in real-time, shrink training costs, and measure training effectiveness through advanced monitoring and analytical tools integrated within the learning management system. Airlines can adapt quickly to market events and keep their workforce relevant in this constantly changing business environment.

Use Cases:

  • Compliance Training
  • Dedicated Rule Engine to Automate Course Assignments
  • Highly Insightful Reporting
  • Material Repository
  • Learning Gamification

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