Lynx Helps Hospitality Professionals Deliver Great Service While Keeping Up Their Reputation

Recent growth in technology has enabled many businesses in the hospitality industry to find new ways to innovate. This has led to the creation of an “experience economy”. Goods and services are sold by emphasizing on the effect they can have on people’s lives. The internet and smartphones have enabled people to post online reviews from anywhere, anytime. Social media has further accelerated this phenomenon which has made the hospitality industry more competitive than ever. This is why hospitality professionals from housekeeping to kitchen staff to airline crew to receptionists need regular and updated training now more than ever to maintain the company’s reputation online and offline. Lynx makes this happen effortlessly. With Lynx, the management can regularly create and assign new courses or update existing ones to help hospitality professionals deliver exceptional service to customers at all times.

Use Cases:

  • Reduced Training Cost & Time
  • Simple User Interface for Non-technical Learners
  • Detailed Tracking & Reporting
  • Gamification of Course Content
  • Remote, Mobile Friendly, & Self-Paced Learning

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