Lynx Solutions for Financial Institutions

Financial services companies deal with a lot of sensitive data and a lot of different players who have access to that data. With cyber attacks becoming increasingly sophisticated with each passing day, financial institutions are inevitably the target in most cases. Therefore, it becomes vital for companies to train their employees and 3rd party vendors at regular intervals to keep them updated and safe from such attacks. Additionally, private equity firms, banks, and insurance companies have strict government mandates on handling data, treating customers, and adhering to fair trade laws. This information cannot be explained over a random afternoon meeting. The knowledge transfer here to the employees has to be via a sophisticated learning platform like Lynx, in the form of courses, assignments, tests, and quizzes. Lynx also has gamification capabilities in the form of certifications and badges. This method has proven to have one of the highest amounts of information retention capacity and is superior to any other learning method.

Use Cases:

  • Instant Access to Courses for All Employees Around the World
  • Gamification of Course Content
  • Compliance Management
  • Reduced Training Cost & Time
  • Dedicated Rule Engine to Implement Automation

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