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Elevate the way your workforce learns with Lynx.
If your question is how to help your employees grow- Lynx is your answer.
Employees are any company's asset, and investing in talent is vital for sustainable business growth and success. The smart tool, Lynx, is a learning management platform that serves to upscale your employee's skills to help them improve and in turn, grow the business.
it's the 'Lynx' between Learning and Development that helps you create, Deliver, Train, and Track High Impact Learning.
The user-friendly platform engages your employees with continuous and personalized learning, ensuring compliance even for your external workers while helping you sculpt a stronger workforce.As a state of the art tool. Lynx brings together both formal and informal learning for improved business profitability through a responsive integrated learning management system.
Interactive Courses We aim to offer a better way to educate, engage, and entertain our audience. Merely reading through content or watching bland videos is no longer enough. Audiences need more, and through interactive courses, we provide them engaging courses.
Data and Reports Knowing where you stand and stay up to date with your progress is the key. It also helps the users take scalable measures towards their goals.
Course Calendar We know and understand that juggling competing tasks isn't easy, and as a solution, our tool offers a consolidated view of all courses. Users can quickly view training programs and courses at a glance, making it easier for them to stay on track and meet their deadlines.;
Messaging and Notifications Our smart platforms lets you set notifications and reminders for users based on the stage of their course. This simple yet effective medium keeps the users in track and updated with the latest developments.
Handle the students pre-post testing Lynx has assessments uploading which can serve as a follow up to classroom training programs. Lynx can also have diagnostic assessments to assess the leavel of knowledge of employees and assign suitable level to them.
Certifications and Scores Once the user completes a course, you have the option to provide users with certifications and scores. This feature is beneficial for the users as they get to showcase their skills and learning on their portfolios.
Audience Management with Rule Engine With audience management, it's easier to allocate courses to multiple users. Users with similar interests can be easily categorized and managed.
Key Benefits
  • Frequent Update of Contents
  • Flexibility of Time and Schedule
  • Customized Training
  • Learning Time Reduction
  • Comfort to enter content whenever
  • Control, Tracking and Process Supervision
  • Easy Accesss
  • Cost Reduction
  • More uptake in Learning process

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What is E-learning ?
E-learning allows you to impart training interventions online while tracking the results at real time, reducing the overall training costs over traditional methods and improving your business profitability.
What is LMS ?
A LMS is a learning Management System which provides the platform to create, deliver, train and track high impact learning.
SCORM and AICC are International standard for tracking E_learning activities. xAPI is the learning Objects new standard. LYNX supports the SCORM 1.2 version of interactive courses and capable to scale up to handle xAPI standard.